Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Beginning

Hello Folks! This is my first blog posting. I have never been into blogging, but social networking (Myspace, Facebook, Twitter) has always been something I am interested in. So, here we go...

For those of you that don't know me, my name is Mike Tepper. I am a California Golden Bear. I bleed blue and gold. I am projected to be the starting Left Tackle for the upcoming 2009-2010 Football season. With my entrance to the program being in 2004 when our Golden Bears should have been in the Rose Bowl, to 2005 and 2006's lack of cohesion of the group, to 2007's rush to number two in the nation mid season and subsequent downfall there after, to 2008's quarterback battle and decent success, I have seen my share of ups and downs. (I say 'decent' because I expect much more from our group then the turnout we had)

Today, July 21st 2009, we have exactly two weeks and two days until Fall Camp for the Cal Football season begins. When I say this, Chills and goosebumps come racing down my body. I have never felt like this prior to a season. Maybe before a game, but never before a season.

I have always been confident in our group of gentlemen, but when I say, "This is the year", I believe it. Our group has so much potential it's almost unbelievable! Potential is only potential though. You need to do something with it to make it worth anything, And we are. The summer workouts are going great. Everyone is working hard and getting bigger, faster, and stronger thanks to our Strength and Conditioning coaches. The cohesion of the offense and defense is coming along very well in our player organized sessions. I'm super pumped up to get the pads on and see how we do in Live situations. Lets Go! Go Bears!


  1. Hello Mike,
    I'm a Cal Bear through and through from the class of 91. I wish you all the best in school, football and life and look forward to this season so much it's crazy. I'm tired of watching all my taped games from last year. Please keep up the reports of anything appropriate for us fans to hear. It is fascinating to hear about the inner workings and reflections of the team from a player.

  2. Hi Mike,

    I'm class of 06 and a Cal football fanatic. I booked my season tickets already and can't wait for the payback game against Maryland. I wish you guys all the luck and look forward to losing my voice while cheering for my beloved Bears on Saturdays!

  3. Mike-

    You are the man. I hope 2009 is as good as we expect. Go Bears! Beat SC!

    See all you fans at the Blue Out vs. Maryland

  4. Mike,

    Thanks for the Blog. It give us Golden Bears living in other parts of the country (Texas)a new insight of this years team!! This year should be special. If you have a chance and remember give a shout to DB coach Simmons for me we worked together years ago at OHS. Blessings
    Coach Moore

  5. Mike, as a life long Bears fan (and recent season ticket holder) I welcome you to blogger. It is exciting to read about your goosebumps because many of us Cal fans see this as "the break through year." Stay healthy and lay someone out for Jahvid!

  6. Hi. Big Cal football fan. My brother told me he saw you in Aliso Viejo working out on the trail to Laguna Beach several months ago. Was that you? Go Bears and lets do it this year.

  7. Behind you 100%. There's a buzz going around the fan base this year that's different from year's past too. Keep up the good work and GO BEARS!

  8. @ OpDaddy, very funny! And yes that was my father and I. We weigh about the same weight...just different shapes, if you know what I mean. I care a lot for my father and I'm trying to get him to lose some weight. Walking the trail is just one way I want him to get moving. I dont get much time to go home with the schedule, but when I do, I hope to see you and your brother on the trail! Go Bears!

  9. Hey Mike - you're da man, and yes THIS IS THE YEAR! I truly believe it. I've been so proud of our team and standing behind it 100% through all the ups and downs since 1981. Yes I witnessed "the play" live, albeit from Tightwad hill :-)


  10. Great to see your Blog, Mike - I'm a big fan of yours (and Cal fanatic since '89 - I'm class of '94). I'll be screaming my head off for you from Section TT.

    Let's show the country how great we are in '09!