Monday, July 27, 2009

Last Week Before Fall Camp

This week during summer strength and conditioning we are testing for the summer. Today was Bench for the Offense and Squat for the Defense. Lifting our max weights for this week is a benchmark, or rather an overview, of how much our strength has improved over the whole entire summer.

For my bench today, I warmed up with 225 for a set of 6, 275 for a set of 4, 315 for a set of 3, 365 for a set of 2, 395 for a single, and 420 for a single before attempting my max of 435 pounds. Taking the proper warm up reps is important for preventing injury. If you jump up too rapidly without being warm your chances of tearing muscles and/or ligaments is greatly increased. I know first hand. I was unsuccessful in my three attempts at 435, but I was extremely close. With my efforts getting the weight almost three quarters off my chest, locking the weight out at the top was my hardest portion of the lift. I am certain I will get the number this upcoming Friday on my second attempt.

Other acknowledgements for today are Ernest Owusu's unsuccessful attempt at Squatting 600 pounds. He too had similar problems as I did locking out the lift towards the top. On a more positive note, some of our successful's were Nian Botang's bench of 315, Justin Cheadle's bench of 405, and our vegetarian Richard Fischer's bench of 405. (It still blows my mind we have a veggie on the OL)

Along with our max lifts, both Offensive and Defensive Lineman did their BodPod measurements. The BodPod is a large egg shaped looking machine that you sit in that determines the individuals body composition. It also gives you a description of the lean muscle mass of your body and your lung capacity. There is nothing greater in life than having a machine tell you that you're obese and need to lose weight on top of the constant reminder of a coach. (Sarcasm...) I would gladly meet the creator of the statistics that says my body fat fits in the obesity category and line up against him/her in a race of any distance less than a mile. I'll blow them out of the water.

More to come for the rest of the week...


  1. mike, i just wanted to say i think this blog is awesome. i live all the way out in pittsburgh, pa, but i've got a buddy in the bay with a slingbox, so i'll be watching every game. it's hard to get any work done these days thinking about the upcoming season, but your blog has filled a huge void. good luck this year. you guys are gonna do great! go bears!

  2. thanks for posting, mike! it's such a joy reading about cal football. i can't wait until the season starts. i've got tickets (with about 10 other friends) to see you guys pummel UCLA in socal. :)

  3. Thanks, Mike. I really liked this entry. I come here primarily to learn of your preparations and progress, but also find it very interesting to read your observations and thoughts on specific teammates and coaches.

    BTW could one of your future entries be on the preparations for AWAY games, and your thoughts on the causes for why the team has not done particularly well in that area in the last couple of seasons and what is being done or should be done to rectify the situation?

  4. Great post, great to hear about the team's progress. Hate to criticize, but I thought it was spelled Nyan not "Nian"?

    Keep up the good work!