Friday, August 7, 2009

Avoiding Injury

As I walk over to the stadium this morning for our conditioning test (which I'm about to destroy I might add) I enthusiasticly read the comments to my last post. I will try to answer all your questions in the best way possible that follows the new criteria for my posts. So here we go...

The best way to defend yourself against injury is by fast feet. Our technique as O Lineman, in short, is butt down, feet apart, hands in chest. But those feet never stop moving. They need to move rapidly because in our position the frequency of someone falling into your knees is extremely common.

Not only that but the Offensive Line is mandated to wear our knee braces. My knee braces have definitely, on more than one occasion, saved major injury. There is nothing like a Erik Robertson/ Mebane battle and either one of them tries to plant a foot for leverage not realizing its into your calf or side of the knee. Or how about a Power play where Alex Mack drives the backside D Tackle into the Tackle. Its very common.

Other than that, injuries are very common for an Offensive Lineman. Playing the sport feeling a 100 percent is very unlikely. You are almost always playing Saturdays with small injuries. The sad thing about it all is there is no real way of defending against all injuries. You have to go out there with the mindset that if you play harder than the rest and keep your feet moving, your chances are less likely of getting injured. Which in my experience, holds true. The mindset of Kill or BE Killed comes to mind... Woo! Go Bears!


  1. Hey Tepp..
    I've noticed that in addition to ankles and knees, O-linemen seem to get a high # of shoulder injuries (I think a shoulder injury knocked Laird out of football). Can you comment on why that is and what kind of a pounding your shoulders get as a lineman? Is it just a freak thing or something more endemic to the position?

    Dan from LA

  2. Mike, a few of your teammates have recently stated you are among the ones who have stepped up as a vocal leader. Can you give us some of your thoughts on the subject of vocal leadership, maybe how much of a need is there for it in a football team, your influences/inspirations, do you feel obligated because of your seniority or is it something that comes more naturally, when do you most feel the most need to step in and speak out, what does your message tend to be (encouragement, admonishment, mood-lightening jokes, or words of wisdom), etc.

  3. Hey Mike,
    Where have you gone? I'm checking back multiple times a day for your next post. Has coach said to stop altogether? If so, tell us that so I don't check anymore! Sure hope you are doing well and Go Bears!

  4. I spoke with him on day 2 of camp... His 2-a-days also includes 3 meetings, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think its pretty much a 6 am to 11 pm gig, every day for 4 weeks. I'm sure he'll get back to the blog when he gets a chance.


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