Monday, August 3, 2009

Fall Camp Around The Corner!

I just got done having a conversation over Facebook Chat with one of our very enthusiastic freshman, Allan Bridgford. He asked me if I was excited for my fifth and final Fall Camp...He not knowing that it is going to be my SIXTH, I responded back with an "Of Course!". Fall Camp starts this Thursday and the excitement throughout Berkeley for the beginning of Cal Football season is evident everywhere. The guys on team with our time off from summer workouts still find no reason to leave the stadium these days and proceed to keep working out. Cal fans are in the stores purchasing their Cal #4 Jerseys and still complaining to me that they didn't buy their USC tickets.

3 More days until Fall Camp! 33 days until our first game!

1 comment:

  1. Well Mike, add me to the list. I simply can't wait anymore. If I lived in Berkelely I feel like I would start camping out in front of the stadium and, yes, I know how pathetic that sounds. But that's how excited I am about this season. Hope springs eternal in me for the Bears, but this year my intellect is joining my heart and saying we have the pieces to do amazing things.

    Keep working your asses off and be the best you can be!