Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sleep Deprivation

Being a Student-Athlete requires great time management and balance between your academics and athletics. But when the grind is on and things need to be done some of us might lose a little sleep staying up late or pulling all nighters for papers and homework. The problem a lack of sleep brings can be detrimental to your health. Sleep deprivation can cause aching muscles, dizziness and nausea, headaches, and can make individuals irritable. Sounds pretty similar to how you feel after a day at work, don't you think?

Its very funny to see one of our large rooms at the stadium occupied during Fall Camp with football players sleeping all over the floor to catch up on some shut eye they need. Picture a large room with bodies laying everywhere. It reminds me of the piers over at Fisherman's Wharf covered with Seals basking in the sun. There's really no difference between the two -- large animals fighting for superior spots barking at each other to move over and be quiet. The only difference is its at the stadium...

Its very common for guys to get their ankles taped for a practice 4 or 5 hours in advanced so that they can go to their respective meeting rooms and sleep on the floors. This allows the athlete to get a little extra sleep or power nap in and not miss or be late to their meetings. Usually the standard kick from a teammate will do for a wake up when meetings are about to start.

Get your sleep fans! An AMAZING season is beginning! We need you all!


  1. Get your sleep and go show those damn Terrapins a thing or two about Golden Bear and West Coast football. Make THOSE bums puke this time and wish they had never come out to the lair of the bear.

    Thanks Mike!

  2. I hope everyone on the team is ready to go for Maryland. In talking with their fans and reading overviews of their Fall camp, it sounds like they are going to be WAY better than the pre-season predictions. Stay focused and get your payback!

  3. Nice post.... The key is to focus... a little irritability might be a good thing, though.

  4. Mike, you've definitely got a real talent for painting a picture that your reader can easily imagine - really good stuff.