Thursday, August 13, 2009

Occasional Posts

Hey Fans! Let me start off this post by apologizing for not writing a new blog post in a week or so and leaving you all to believe that I have fallen off the face of Earth. That is not true in some respects. With Fall Camp in full swing, I am almost completely seperated from what's going on outside with the exception of about 20 minutes of Sports Center at dinner. I don't actually get to pick the channels we watch, I'd prefer 50/50 between the news and Sport Center, but hey, You take what you can get.

With that being said, My schedule during camp lets me have limited time for my blog posts. That time period is usually spent in the training room working with trainers to keep my body a 100 percent during this long and aggressive period of football. If I'm not in the training room I'm sleeping. Our days are usually from 6am-ish to 11;30pm -ish and sleep is a very important part of recovery of the body and mind.

As this might upset some of you, I must focus on Football at this time of my life. Occasional post will come up these next weeks of Camp, but during season don't expect the usual everyday message as well. I'm writing my thesis, 60 pages of interviews and investigated readings, which is going to take a lot of work to write while in season.

Thanks for all the support fans, its greatly appreciated. Next post should be around early next week.

Woo! Go Bears! <3


  1. Hi Mike,

    Reading your posts is a privilege that is resulting from your generosity of time. By all means attend to what is most important: academics, football, personal life. We'll gladly take whatever morsels you have time to share. Also, one or two sentences is fine during the season. I've never had the inside view from a Cal player and so want you to only do the blog in such a way as it does not burn you out (and having to give it up altogether).

    I'm already getting anxious about the U$C game, attending to business now is exactly what we want you to be doing. Go Bears!

  2. I agree with Jim fully. Your job is football and academics and family and friends and whatever else makes you happy. We're lucky for whatever we get and would all pat you on the back if we could.

    Achieve your best, Mike, and we will all benefit. You have all the tools you need.

  3. So long as you kick some toejam butt, I could careless if I read more than a sentence on this blog till then.

  4. Excuses, excuses ... hahaha ... GO BEARS!!!