Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Teaching the tricks of the trade to the youngsters on any team is a very important aspect of athletics that allows for improvement in cohesion of the group, communication between each other, and the skill level of all around. To many, teaching the younger guys the importance of particular aspects of your position may seem haunting. It might even lead to distancing between each other. In the end all that might matter to some athletes is starting or receiving the most playing time. But helping the young guns with their skill sets increase competition around us. Their increase in skill pushes the second string guys to become better, which in the end pushes even myself to become a better player. It drives the teams overall success and makes a team who they are years down the road.

Taking the younger guy under your wing might create competition against everyone including yourself, but in the end the reward is knowing a newbie has learned something from you.

(Special Thanks to AC for teaching me everything I know!)

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  1. AC = Andrew Cameron? Its a shame AC had those knee injuries...he was an awesome player. My brother played football with him and I played football with his younger brother at Healdsburg High in Sonoma County. Good luck this season Tepper, Im definitely going to be following you throughout.