Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Women's Huddle

After yesterdays extravaganza I think I can honestly say that women are Cal Football's biggest fans. Yesterday was the annual Women's Huddle at Memorial Stadium. Approximately 400 women came out in support of the Cal Football team by learning some of the basic football techniques and hanging with the guys (Coaches and Athletes). The purpose of the Women's Huddle is to give the ladies a little first hand experience of the little things most of them don't see on an average day and/or Saturday. They run through multiple stations with drills each position does on a regular basis. For example, the QB's station showed them the proper technique of throwing a football and allowed them to throw a couple passes around, the Offensive Lineman station that I worked with Chris Guarnero and Chet Teofilo was teaching how to Shotgun Snap a football, etc, etc, for each position.

The best part about the Huddle was the enthusiasm from all the women throughout the evening, especially for the Offensive Line station. I've never seen a group of individuals so excited to learn about a position not highly talked about. Even though they had to bend over in front of us to snap the ball, their excitement blocked out most of their embarrassment. Women waiting their turn in line threw the occasional sexual connotation to their friends about playing with footBALLS and snapping the ball, "not too hard and not too soft...just the way they like it" (referring to snapping the ball toward the QB's) enlightened the mood of the event.

Another couple great moments at the event were the jealous men sitting in the stands watching their girlfriend or wife snap the ball. I have to admit, many footballs went too low, too high, or off to either side. Those snaps were usually accompanied with the sound of a sigh and a softly spoken, "Come on, hunny...".

Overall everyone had an amazing time. A special shout out to the Vikings who had the best snaps of the night! Good Job ladies!


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  2. My wife and some friends went to the Women's Huddle a few years ago after coach Tedford urged her to go at the Pyramid Brewery season ticket holders' get-together that summer. She had a great time. That season, she repeatedly surprised me with her knowledge of who the players and coaches were, all of whom she'd met at the Huddle. And I never stopped hearing about the equipment demonstration striptease. Thanks to the coaches and team for putting on such a great event.

    Love the blog, Mike, can't wait to read more as the season progresses!

  3. The Women's Huddle is, hands down, the best event of the year. Not just best woman's event, or best Cal event, but THE best event! We look forward to it every year! I get the date from McHugh around February and start setting up my group. It's great that the players are so into it and "play along," so to speak. When else is it okay for a woman to get a little sauced, play some football, and hang out with college football players and have that be OKAY??? Thanks Mike for participating!!! :)

  4. Ditto! Thanks, Tepper! I had never snapped a ball before, and it was definitely fun to learn (but honestly, the Raiders were the best snappers, right?) :-)

  5. for anyone reading... if you want to hear about the Women's Huddle from some hilarious ladies' perspectives, check out:

    Go Bears! :)